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11th December 2003

silvio_dante10:38pm: New stuff, long time
Yeah. It's been a while since my last real sitdown with you people, all 3 of youse. I got one post from outside and figgered I'd breathe some life back into this thing of ours. I made the membership easier. Youse don't need to be approved. Just add yourselfs as a member. Click the button, bada-bing, bada boom, yur in. Just like that. Let all ya friends and shit know they can join up. I think Buddy Christ and all them jackass people scared everybody away. Friggin shame.

7th November 2002

buddy_christ3:37am: HowDEEEEEE!!
Hey! Who's Ya Buddy?

Just checking in and saying hi! Gimme some LOVE people!!! Are any of you alive in here? Like I wouldn't know ALREADY if you wern't!

BC ;)
Current Mood: sympathetic
silvio_dante1:20am: I may have jumped the gun a little
Hey. I took the liberty of adding a few people to the community after I got it rolling. I hope youse don't mind. Unlike the other celeb places, this place is character driven, not actor driven. 'Cept for you guys who play yourselves regular. If you don't want to hang around, you can just let me know. This is easier to get out of than that OTHER "thing" I allegedly belong to.
Look at the community info page to see how this thing of ours works...I mean... this "community."
Current Mood: grumpy

2nd November 2002

silvio_dante11:16am: Let's do this thing...
First off, I'd like to propose a toast to this new thing of ours. (ahem) May you all wise the hell up and join this community. May you all post until your fingers fall the hell off. To better days! Cent'anni!
Current Mood: thirsty
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