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cuttingrm_floor's Journal

Celeb's CHARACTER'S Posts
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There are a LOT of communities for fake journals of celebrities etc. They all do a mighty fine job of keeping us entertained and guessing. HATS OFF to them ALL!!

There are two minor problems with fake celebrity journals. The first is that unless you know a LOT about your celebrity, you're stuck between them having an out of character interlude, or commenting on the mundane things you think they may be up to. Face it...celebs being normal people are a little boring.
The second is that you are limited to ONE celebrity portrayal per person. If the person who portrays the celeb has limited imagination, it gets old real fast.
Hence...the reason for THIS community ....(drum roll please)

TA DA!! This is a community where you don't post as a celebrity, you post as a CHARACTER they have portrayed! That's correct, you've now got a chance to post not as boring Mel Gibson (sorry Mel) you can post as William Wallace, or Martin Riggs, or that dude without a face! In this community, you have a chance to take the CHARACTERS you love from the FILMS, TV SHOWS, and PLAYS that you love and bring them PAST "the fourth wall"! (or off "the cutting room floor." MESSAGE!)
What's that? You say your character DIED in that last episode? SO WHAT? You can resurrect them HERE! Go for it!
The main rule is: Membership is limited to CHARACTER portrayals only. When applying for membership, state the name of your character and the film or show in which they appear(ed). It can be a major, minor, or even a cameo or walk on, as long as they didn't appear as themselves unles, of couse, the film or show is ABOUT them as themselves and not just a cameo (The Osbournes, Jackass, etc). Have FUN!!